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Friday, February 22

STRATOS 4 (in real)

The US says it is confident an out-of-control satellite which could have hit Earth has been shot down.

The spy satellite, thought to contain top secret information, was struck by a missile fired from a warship in the sea near Hawaii.It was thought it might contain hazardous materials, which officers are pretty sure has been destroyed. They think the remains of the satellite will fall harmlessly to Earth.

Officials couldn't say for definite that dangerous material wouldn't fall to Earth, but they said there was no evidence of it happening so far.

They are keeping track of the debris falling over the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
Marine Gen James Cartwright said so far they'd seen nothing larger than a football.

But it will take another one or two days before officials know for certain whether the operation was totally successful.

Originally quoted from BBC news

First thing comes up in mind is, STRATOS 4 -v-

USDOD uses naval cruise missile instead of anti air missile, the real thing is, it all done by computers, even far more advanced than SF show. Anything covering up the truth ? I think they make the opportunity to proceed a military exercise, to test the NMD system, rather than saving we people from hazardous fuel material, you know, combat data and experience are so valuable.

Why not take the chance for your own good, and be the world hero ??
Um.... Classic American conspiracism~

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Kunoichi Terminator said...

被超人殺死的總是壞人, 超人永遠覺得自己是超人

宇宙人 said...

總之大家安居樂業, 有事都無人知~ 就最好