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Saturday, June 27


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H-O-L-L-Y-S-H-I-T !!!!

May be just coincidence it happened at the time MJ died, nothing really big to me, somehow feel like should write it down.

Just last night, I dreamed of you.
So real, so normal, like the days I was.

I couldn't help but suffer from seeing you again, it made me feel so bad. I struggle in the bed by myself, awakened from comma in the early morning. The moment I open my eyes, the freezing air frozen my frustrated mind.

Dun get me wrong, I didn't hate you, never ever.

Silent Hill I'm free

Is it some kind of Poltergeist ?
You are my worst nightmare.

Thursday, June 18


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Here we stand in the morning dew

Just an ordinary reminder.

Despite of some extreme circumstances, I seldom make myself stand up working all the night, mostly for health and beauty purpose.

But this is not the case tonite, I am counting till 7:00AM dawn.

And so, the question comes up again ---- What are we fighting for?

Fight Club, sir

Monday, June 15

TIFF (any ?)

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You are always a sudden to me.

And so, gotta say goodbye finally.

It won't be a long time.

I'd take that for what you've said.

Although I dun quite know, would it work out anything?

So silly that I said
I'm silly to you

Stupid me le ~!

But dun worry, it's just like that.

M U S I C didn't realize the audience was thumb-up-ing when shutter pressed

Sometimes I wonder, what music is with you when you feel ?