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Sunday, February 18


Finally access to this blog again, as soon as you people find it updated, I am not dead yet :p

Pacific Ocean, dawn of new life
Into the light, over pacific ocean

Intelligent here is terrible. People are too slow.
How could they claim themselves the most advanced superpower beside the western ?
Sunlight is the most fatal element, thought I would be melten to death somedays.

With the helpful German next door, things are getting right.

Just think about the damn workaholic...
What is promise meant to her ?

Duel to the stupid network, I won't be able to write blog as usual as before. But I've taken many great photo, check it out yourself.

Oh, btw, thank you Fanki~ I won't survive without your generous support.

2 comment:

Kunoichi Terminator said...

Wonderful photo! I think you have enjoyed the sunlight.

宇宙人 said...

I dun know much about photographing. Thanks to the powerful function of IXUS 850.

Actually I am quite fragile against sunshine, not to mention the burning rays here. I will die real soon without sunglass and sun screen oil.