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Tuesday, February 20

Here they come the new companions

個德國佬徙手開樽蓋, 睇到我呆左. 更驚訝係佢五之內”攪掂”, 雖然對象係同鄉,不過真係有夠手快,五體投地 (Dun say you dunno what it’s all about, you mother fooker~)

Life in a small village is that simple.


美國人比較難應付, 佢一知你係中/港/台就會超臭串, 抵打~ }:-D, 特別係講野yo yo 聲果d. 女人反而無咁麻煩.

其他歐洲人大部分都唔錯, French, Italian 比較易玩, Australian好casual, British 最多野傾. 香港人成日懷念殖民政府, 都唔知人地 British 幾咁鐘意去香港玩

2個鬼妹都話jealous, K2你e個高度 & 膚色, 真係無得救...

Wanna get prey or be prey ?

4 comment:

Mayday said...


宇宙人 said...

Dun be silly, no one here knows what 派利 is.

Kunoichi Terminator said...

Have you had joyful holidays there? Hong Kong was the British oriental pearl, no wonder why they love it very much.

宇宙人 said...

I've got serious thing to do here. Sure it sounds like a vacation, well... somehow, it is...sort of...
Anyway, I won't be back to HK for a short period time.

Oh, the Bristish complains living in UK is too expensive, they love all the shops and restaurant in HK