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Wednesday, January 17

This is the India

If it is not the news of HSBC, most Hong Kong peoples' knowledge about India is still limited to Curry, Dalahsim in Street Fighter II and Yoga excercise. They dun even notice India has became such an advanced technology super power for years.

Recently there are some Indian MV widely forwarded by, people just laugh and laugh. I see no cheapness, but elegance, the dance is well organized (pretty sure since I performanced dancing on the sports day last year), the screenplay and storyboard are all perfect combination, music rhythm is easy to follow. Much more better than most of the HK productions.

Here is another cool MV from India, the chick is hot, isn't she?

Can't help dreaming to have a journey to India real soon.

2 comment:

Kunoichi Terminator said...

Actually many high-level jobs have been transferred from American to India, such as accounting, medical counseling and programming. On the other hand, the current infrastructure of India is still poor and its politics is not quite stable. What do you think about the future of India?

宇宙人 said...

Ya, I agree that their infrastructure are not good enough, you can refer to the air crash incidents occur in India early 90s.

But it is the fact their software and computer engineering is very good now. India is also an entertainment super power, many movie and music release every year. I dun see why people talk about India will just laugh.

Such as the India MJ MV, it is actually a very good creation, not many HK artist can do that good

This recall me about the Indian special week broadcast in Nat. Geo. last month