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Saturday, January 20

パンダ危機 !!

I've got 1 week not back to office. The first thing, sure is the EMAIL, more than 50 unread mail, got my mailbox exploded again XD.

And then, the SIP dept. encountered the biggest crisis, more troublesm than ever.....

Dennis Wong is believed to be the first victim, his desktop was infected when he was using VPN remote desktop at home, we suspect the origin is his own PC.

YK Wong is the second victim, he cried "What is this butterfly about ?" while he cannot open any .EXE file.

The third victim is Keith Lau, his desktop shows the same problem as YK's. Unlike YK, Keith notices it is not a butterfly, it is a panda.

Here begin the tragedy, everyone starts talking about the panda.
Ladies and gals scream "It is so lovely~".
Guys discuss how computer is infected "Probably from pornographic web" "Ya~ any free AV ?"

People keep on talking and laughing, but not working, all forget the most important thing:
is to open firewall, and then update virus director.

Therefore, half of SIP computers are infected. Poor them, YK has no other solution, but to back up all his files into USB driver.

SIP is wiped out within 3 hours.
Luckily, some teammates (including me) & the main sever survive. The virus itself is not quite destructive, but people are lack of awareness towards crisis.

Let's have a look on PANDA

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