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Sunday, January 21


Been to another stupid date, the gal I thought will never see again. But it is the fact, we meet again.

Frankly, since that case 4 years ago, I do mind about my partner's brain, rather than her look. She doesn't need to be as miscellaneous as Udata Hikaru, sings like Misia, pretty as Renee Zewellger or professional like Dr. Jane Goodall. At least she got to have her own taste and style. I couldn't bear life would be so dull, if there is no music and sense of taste .

Is that requesting too much ?

4 comment:

Mayday said...

I have a question to ask~
Is that you in the picture?

宇宙人 said...

Ha?? Which picture??
Do you mean that at the top right corner ? XC====

Mayday said...


宇宙人 said...

Dun be silly, who would like to print his own face on the T shirt