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Thursday, December 23


One day, I drove all the way down the town, to the Sony Style Shop.

Before I was quite knowledgeable on this, but since been to this Perth, I am so outdated with technology, I miss my YAMAHA system so much. Watching all those LCD, plasma, 3D TV, I feel so fascinated. Somehow I dun see what they are playing to delight customers, instead thinking about us. It isn't a bad idea after all. How would it be ??

May be we shouldn't do window-shopping like this, we should just download the catalog and click on Amazon. And the next day, we have it delivered straight and away.


More than impressive, you are getting mature, not kiddo anymore. Yes, you are damn right, I am living too young, only on the outside. This is so unfair, isn't it like The Curious Case of Benjamin ?

U2, did you do inception to me ?? You are always in my mind.

By some means, we are both born to be noble, so we have our tragedy of family coming. How ironic it is, we pretend so charming, but inside, so pathetic.

Could it be we are not made to love, but to lose.

How long do we have to suffer from such cursed fate ? So that we are free to love ?

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