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Saturday, September 18

Whenever it rains, there is sunshine

Since I've been driving this year, I never see a rainbow again, with my own eyes.


I was controlling the steering all the time, sure can't spare my mind to the beautiful scene.

Excuses my head.

Actually may be I lost the passion already, or, am I so not satisfied with this world ?

Last week is so exhausted, I've burnt up more than 50L petrol in 5 days, my leg suffers badly. Somehow it worths, I perform a magic trick to Yohko and Kieran, surprisingly I didn't forget it as I forget Judo. In return, he shows me one as well, I know that trick but I couldn't tell (of coz), at the end we all laugh like crazy.

Ever better, we visit so many places, I can really capture something with my camera, feels like I haven't shot photo for ages. Back then what important is the people the time, I'd treasure that memory for a long long time.

As the day comes, dunno how come I feel afraid, afraid that the people I see from a far, might be totally different when seeing at close. I should be expecting, but I didn't, now I'd rather wish it never come.

The Vintage Festival

lolo didn't go to Pompeii with me till the end, I can only revise that ancient Roman sense from Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema's work. A bit pity, but, it's alrite.

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