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Wednesday, August 4

His name is (Also sprach Zarathustra)

Not a good time to talk Inception at the moment.

"But, sir, in Project Mayhem, we have no names."

"No, listen to me. This is a man and he has a name, and it's XXXX, okay?"

"I understand. In death, a member of Project Mayhem has a name."

. . . . .


起初我問 Kieran 為什麼告示要用日文寫成,他說如果三個人都會說日文的話,應該會很有趣。
. . . . .

This Aussie-Jap couple, husband is Kieran, wife is Yohko. They are so nice to me, they fry hand-made Gyoza for me, they share wine to me, I think I'm addicted to campari and cassis.

It is an ordinary afternoon, they invite me to event so called Pudding Festival. Yohko will make custard pudding there. Without hesitation, I give a yes. Who'd know this is just the beginning of nightmare.
. . . . .

Yohko's custard pudding, once I stroke the spoon into it, there is caramel coming out of the body, how sweet is it!

As they park the car at church ---- wait a minute, this pudding thing is actually all religious. Elderly, children, aboriginal, chorus(?), I'm all-singing all-dancing crap of the world. This is the cruelest torture, you knew I understand the science, I read the history, I'm just not the correct person to be there.

Smile, take a mask, polite-mode will do.

"The gentleman over there, would you please pass me the XXX ?" "Nevermind, after you, lady." "It's a pleasure to know you." Argh, this is so fake, I feel guilty, especially Aussie greeting ---- How's going ? Shall I tell you, I'm not part of your cell group, I'm much cleverer than you monkeys ?

Yohko is silent, pretends cannot speak English well, and so I pretend her brother. Only Kieran is busy talking to the priest and councilor. I could hardly hear the conversation, sounds like he is familiar here, I ask "This is the church you always come few years ago ?"

"Sometimes, at first, just for the parking" replied in Jap, of course ( ̄▽ ̄).

It finally over, we get back to the car, I figure out what it is.

Yohko said this is the worst chorus ever, almost couldn't help and laughed it out. Kieran recalled his school age, he screamed "God is dead" at his friend's place.(I forget, after all, his major is philosophy.)

Actually it is about Yohko's citizenship, there is too many bad record of fake marriage immigration, it would be handy if they got the church support.

I said, thank you for the treat. Kieran laughed crazily, couldn't handle the steering properly.

Yet, we have our faith to fight for. Equity/Free will/A better life, Whatever.
. . . . .

"His name is Robert Paulson."

"His name is Robert Paulson."

"His name is Robert Paulson."

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