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Wednesday, December 5

clear air turbulence

二十八草 飲飽食醉~

Oh Sister My Dear, how dare you are, keep laughing at my Enoki Mushroom head. It was not my idea but Vicky's, I know I look like something overage school boy now, but I am NOT going to fix it no matter what~

Gotta admit that I always have the talent. So, come everyday and visit me @ ifc C!TY, recognize me for my Enoki Mushroom head and sun goggle burnt on my face (i.e. 反白熊貓).

But please, dun make me do the cruelest thing to you, Sister, You Honor.
. . . . .

I'd never thought one conversation would arise such a big affair, all people have been talking about K & K2 all these days. Thx you people broadcasting rumors over me when I am not there.

What's wrong with having different experience other than ordinary shop/work/rest-loop HKer ?

Alright, I surrender. m(_ _)m

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