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Monday, November 26


I'd say, stop being perfect, never be complete. We are no superhuman, back then, just fresh and blood.


So I had my camera lost, follow by you had your belonging lost, and this time I had my flight lost(almost). What's up with all this melancholy ?

It is quite an experience to get board till the last minute, being the last check-in passenger on board. But it is sure no good for health having 3 BIG time within one week ~! This is one single week I saw GOD the most in my life.

Back to the bloody metropolis, I find myself such a townsman.

Meanwhile German lo is riding thousand miles all the way, looks like he forgot the lesson last time he was almost done by a crash. Actually it reminds him, Germany is left-seated, but there is right, it is not big deal for him anymore (given he's into another accident, hoho). Let's wish him good luck~

2 comment:

Kunoichi Terminator said...

Cosmoman, were you flying to the cosmo?

宇宙人 said...

Could you fly me to the moon ?