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Friday, October 12

Could you please humiliate me? (Once again)

The Lovers II,
René François Ghislain Magritte (1898 - 1967)

Days are normal, extraordinary dull, can't get rid of the feeling that I am losing you.

We have came up to this far, could it be ever better if just throw our so-called-relation apart ?

I am just like you, so cranky to break a furor in mind, so green to jealous, but yet desperate. You are the worst thing ever happen to me.

Those three words, I think I've said too much.
And I just can't take my eyes off of you, can I ?
. . . . .

Recently the idea is bargaining me so -- why you have to owe something, before you get something ? What's wrong with you people, huh ???

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