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Wednesday, August 29

Venus in the dark (can' take my eye off of you)

Yay~!!! ((o≧∇≦)o゙
I couldn't help but wonder, what your funny face would be everytime you got emotion furor blowing off your head.

Bad news Buddy~

There is really something I am not satisfied with your performance, but I am not going to give anymore detail about it. It is always true, before asking people for ★★★, why dun you give your own first ? (where ★★★ stands for name, desire, genuineness, BLAH BLAH BLAH)

I thought I had been honest enough even direct from the guts. It was you not to listen, cut off most of communication channel and start all these Chan/Lee/Cheung/Wong/Ho game at the very beginning. No worries, not blaming on you, but instead I sympathize your crankiness, back then we are sharing the same train of thought. (Bear in mind that I got the detective sense which you dun have)

Ginger :-p

Just to tell you one good news Dear.
Dunno how you are up to with your side, but somehow I managed to make myself innocent through these days. You know ... It is not only the matter of time. The feel for you, also beat on me.

I am thinking about having a beard, what do you think, huh ?

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