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Friday, June 15

think of you (ver. 17+)

The moment I find the hands stop, I wish time is frozen.
NAH, just my imagination.

It was just my ALTERNA watch ran out of solar power reserve thus power save mode is activated (Imagine how dull my life is, haven't seen sunlight for ages !!). Problems strike nonstop, they never wait.

Wanna go to gallery visiting a new exhibition, wanna go to theater enjoying one evening opera show, wanna go to suburb get myself refreshment. May be I need someone to cry.
. . . . .

真正的日月無光 ——好多蝙蝠。
. . . . .

又係 D 十七歲*白痴 (╬° ∀° )╯~ ┴─┴

你、你、你、你丫,偏偏o係 e 個時候攪到我部電腦中毒。
特別係 D 衰人~心涼啦,吓嘩~
有我 MSN o既就盡情笑吧~
. . . . .

有無人話我知「福佳始終有你」係什麼東東 ??

*self claimed 17 eternally

7 comment:

北北 said...
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宇宙人 said...

咁即係咩 ???

北北 said...
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宇宙人 said...


丁頁 口牙 !!

我中毒時真係無左 display card driver, 硬件/軟件都唔容許我咁做

Hunter, Wayne, SJ & 阿耀 said...

going thru a emotinal swing again? u shud watch more sunrise and rainbow :) personally, i like night live, u can call me "见光死"!

宇宙人 said...

Dun be silly, I am no kid.
Will be awaiting for you guys' 豪情夜生活 or Sex and the KL city~