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Wednesday, April 11

Summary for the trip


1. I am finished without a car.
2. I swear I won't bring computer XD.
3. I am the only one got 80% of skin covered on the beach. Freak!
4. I love exploring caves. Go! Go! Go! Dr. Jones~~
5. I love exploring the the ocean. K2 Attenborough!
6. I am a good photographer.
7. I am a good photographer while shooting w/ IXUS 850.
8. I dun see blossoming flowers over mountains and rivers, it is not the flowering season, sigh...
9. I encountered a surprise attack launched by a smart & agile kestrel.
10. Everyone can talk to you, I am the only one cannot, is that right?

And finally manage some time to upload photo for flickr

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