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Monday, April 23


Come up to tell you,
it is hard to make such a decision,
even harder than getting back to the start.
The Scientist - Coldplay*



即使幾唔鐘意計數,始終都應該接受數學教育,數學就係邏輯推理o既鍛練 (Well...唔好同我講玩IQ題猜謎語一樣得)。 為人父母, Thomas Chan講得o岩,"珠心算" 只會害左個細路。

小六時我睇過好多小說,離唔開米高基里頓同 Tom Clancy一類,科幻得來有夠大美國。大約係九六年,鐘意陶傑一本泰晤士河畔,當時陶傑未出名,唔同e+咁串。唔係講笑, 中文作文真係高分左 XD。

唔睇小說,開始睇知識性o既書,二戰史、帝國興亡、動物百科、飛機圖鑑。再大d,會用腦思考, 睇張五常、李天命、圖解相對論、進化論。偶然都會睇蘇菲的世界、紙牌的秘密、海邊的卡夫卡。

聰明? 不,IQ題、估燈謎、猜謎語從來唔係我強項。還好我有邏輯思考,對數據比較敏感。


*Coldplay's vocals are always so heartwarming, especially at night time,when I am alone.

4 comment:

Kunoichi Terminator said...

You are right. Knowledgeable is not equal to logical. Logical is not equal to rational. IQ is different from EQ.

Well, I think it is not reasonable to divide subjects into science stream and art stream. Knowledge should consist of both side. Therefore it is the fatal error of Hongkong Education System.

宇宙人 said...

But when come up to tertiary level, ultimately we need to specialize the education for all field, you can't expect an artist to do the dy/dx calculation, right ?

So, what do u think about the natural difference (or the traditional view of it) for man and woman, logical and emotion ?

Kunoichi Terminator said...

Well, if an Artist has studied Differentiation in High School, she may be able to quickly know how to convert a 2D landscape into 3D landscape. (I heard such project)

The traditional view of the difference between men and women in logic and emotion is biased. The increasing number of female students in various majors in universities is a prove.

宇宙人 said...

I didn't take any 3D art design course, as much as I know, most of the CAD software are very user-friendly and easy to use. All u need is a mouse with 2 click buttons.

If learning calculus and vector calculation are handy for art design ?