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Saturday, March 24

old cake music


Misia's new album Ascension and Shimatani Hitomi's new album Prima Rosa are already in store now, I just dun know about it because intelligence here is too slow, people dun give a damn to Japanese pop music, they are familiar with J.Lo and Kylie instead.

Even worse, living in a small village, it is no way for me to buy them!! How could this be happening ?

今作『ASCENSION』は2006年11月から2007年2月10日まで続く「TOUR OF MISIA2007 ASCENSION」で披露された楽曲を中心に収録した、約2年ぶりのオリジナルアルバム。

飛躍を遂げ 唯一無二の領域に迫る島谷ひとみの「ヴォーカリゼーション」を最大限に生かし、クラシック、エキゾチック、民族音楽、ロック等々様々な音楽的エッセンスと crossoverした、既成の枠に捕われないボーダレスでPOP感溢れるALBUM。

Alright, compare to those worship youth idols, I admit I love old cakes~

Here we've got the French's humor, the German's wisdom, and the Italian's passion, people in small town like opera and they go theater every week, there is galleries around the street. But I just can't find the music I love, not even gain access to the intelligence via internet!!

I dun hesitate to come back HK, but I miss all the technology there, I can own the world's latest information without walking one single step.

*Wait a minute, I though smart gal seldom goes to sing K, at the age of 17.

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