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Saturday, February 3

One more victim

The problem due to the Panda virus is not over yet.
There is one more victim, with absence in his own seat for 1 month, everyone hardly remember his participation, TY Cheung.

Such a lovely panda

And again, it was me to do the IT support =W=#, gotta work with 2 computers (ORLY, not again)

Exactly the same thing I do SOHO at home T_T

Finally back to the Judo court, physical condition isn't that bad as I predict.
Luckily, 空翻動作仍然無問題, 凌空跳過四個人sure 無 難 度.
My best record was 8.
Just feeling not very well with the dizziness inside my head after series of rolling @@

2 comment:

Kunoichi Terminator said...

Your company's computer has installed with McAfree, hasn't it?

宇宙人 said...

hmmm, you've got it right, clever man.
But I regret that I didn't make it, my colleague's computer is fatally infected, I have no choice but to format it at last.