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Monday, February 26

Let's go Waterfall

“Are you going to the Waterfall tonight ? ”

Failure, all Gwai Lo can't help laughing at this.

In the very beginning, me and the German thought we are heading to a waterfall. But when we come to the fact, it is Waterfrod, clubbing in a place called WATERFROD.

Alcohol, cheers, swinging your head, rock band, plus, a few Paris Hilton like creatures. It isn’t that chaos as I thought. Yes, people go mad with the music, move their bodies without reason, boys and girls hug together, everyone can be your friend here. But no drugs, no violence, no sex (as I can see), not even a cigarette in the pool.

At the end, the security said they collect a lost mobile and lost wallet. If it is HK, it must be possessed by others just a moment.

May be this is the real difference between Gwai Lo Gwai Mui and Chinese society.

4 comment:

Kunoichi Terminator said...

Not only the western, but also Japanese and Taiwanese are good at ethics. I think the horrible behavior of the PRC people was due to the bad effect of Culture Revolution.

Mayday said...

It means 救難信號,right?

宇宙人 said...

Agree, but when u saw those Taiwen politic stuff on TV. They are all just soap show.
And what about the rudeness and shallow vision of HK people ?

宇宙人 said...

Yup~救難信號, not only for flight, but also applicable for marine too.
"MAYDAY" is also common in military use