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Sunday, January 25


HEY~ baby, it is YOU, all you

Do you remember, The way we hold, we hug, we kiss, we share. Memories are so fresh like yesterday. So, you think you know me, huh? Then you know I love Silent Hill.

In my restless dream, I come back to Silent Hill, it is all about Love, even though it is distorted, so as my shattered soul.

ich liebe dich, all-days dreaming inert into you, let it all go and go and go, can't help seeing you in pieces. The entire world therefore full of bloodiness and rustiness, how elegant it is. Wanna poss your in the way I love, but I'm creep, I' m weirdo, could it ever be a way out ? Kinda like sadistic. What about.... lock you inside out of confined condo ?

Such pity that you 're 160. I can only embrace you from behind, with the pair of lovely craw, cannot bite your calvaria like a gloomy bear, not, gloomy rabbit. Are we made to match ? Not really, but you are just like me, you admire me, and simply, you become me, so fucking special you.

So, take it, be a lady, by that time, I'll come back to you, complete we both, like twin pairs.

Someday, somewhere, somehow, in the ultimate end, we still have to meet again.

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