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Friday, September 7


I've been always remain impressive image with Indian guys, they are all mathematics.

F talks about the workplace down there, customers complain the most is not the stupid network, but the bad English language of the Indian call center!

We just burst into laugher every time there is Indian-like-ascent on TV. I think I will label most Indian guys BAD ENGLISH in the future.

India, 1996
Photograph by Cary Wolinsky

NAH~ Dun play the race card on me. If you had been a real case, and if you had seen it. I bet you'd rather have done the same, especially it happens in a time of hurry.

Arrrgh !! >w<

2 comment:

Hunter, Wayne, SJ & 阿耀 said...

in malaysia, indian's english is pretty good, just the ascent..

宇宙人 said...

Give a try on the customer service, I think you will have many great discoveries!!