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Thursday, July 12

one lazy morning (ver.L2)

Got a Devil's haircut.
Vicki the artist in the salon next to my apartment is really something, I like her~
. . . . .

It is just another lazy morning

-Reporters share their own family life in the morning show.
-Give a toast for somebody u know, together. e.g. brother is getting married, patient recovering, mother giving birth to baby.
-Rise glasses for a new victory of the team you are fan of.
-TVs in the bank playing cookery show, instead of most update finance intelligence.
-Lucy Liu is your goddess, you can see her everywhere.

Refresh your day with a magic.

Life is simple, enjoy~
. . . . .

You evil.
Everyone talk to you, everyone give a damn to you, only me the exception now, satisfication ?

Oh fool, it's easy for you.

Actually, I need something sadness therapy.

. . . . .

英文粗口講太多,當要同人談判時就會自然地想 Shout it all on their faces.

我也有軟弱的時候,讓我耍賴一下好嗎 ?

3 comment:

Kunoichi Terminator said...

Why do u add (firefox推獎) in your title? I use Firefox actually.

Hunter, Wayne, SJ & 阿耀 said...

lazy morning.. it's has been times since i started working

your blog really being awarded by firefox? i want one "firefox推獎" too!

宇宙人 said...

NO NO NO, just to tell u people FireFox is best to view here, otherwise some special effect may not be performed.

But I am lazy to rebuild all the decoration here used to have. I have been thinking to minimize the data load, dun u find it is a bit slower to access ??

If u wanna be, every morning can be lazy too :-)