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Wednesday, May 16


一般來說,我是很 easy going 的。

只有對著你,我就是不認輸,死也不認輸。(╬° ∀° )╯
一開始你就奪取了 upper hand。


我又怎敢發嬲 ?


対決. 山本 拡幸


500港幣買一個法國製的 Tefal fry-pan,德國人問我是不是傻了。
還有一道 petti di pollo con limone e timo。
廚房,可是男人的諾曼第 (不是羅曼蒂!!)
Buon appetito~


Monday I was asked to build a 16-bit computer (which speed is equivalent to Nintendo SFC! what next?). Today I realize the language I am up to, is actually developed by US Department of Defense.

As predicted, I would probably become a multi-purpose robo housemaid, build rockets/missiles in daytime and cook risotto at home.

2 comment:

維納斯 said...

嗯... 識煮飯既男人, 係吃香d.
btw, 160 係咪你女友??

宇宙人 said...

一般 la, 我都開始覺得, 用心煮野食, 對人對事自然都會細心 D.