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Friday, December 22

Father w/ the watch

Finally met dad these days
$200 spending in Japanese Restaurant, he doesn't have to pay the bill, I can afford it since I am making my own money now, back then I am still a child in his eyes.

My old man gave me a Seiko chronography, it has a mark of Caltex Co.

"This special Seiko watch, with engraved Caltex logo, is presented to you in recognition of your contribution to Asia Pacific Marketing attaining 3,000,000 employee manhours without a Days Away From Work case from August 2004 through May 2005"
--Bob Hxxx, vice president for Marketing, Asia-Pacific

wow ..... this watch is to appreciate that dad's contribution done for the company, like a medal, salute an elite staff. I dun know I am the right person to take such a memorial present. I will be always proud of my dad.

Apart from the honor, the watch itself is selling at $1400 outsides, but ..... I still gotta posses a CITIZEN Radio Control or Eco Drive anyway, no escape.

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